Monday, October 1, 2007

Mime + naughty subjects = good night out

Saturday I went to see Billy the Mime perform his show America LoveSexDeath at one of my favorite spaces, The Flea Theater. My friend Sherri works there, so I generally try to make it to every show (plus, only $15-20 makes the prices right). Usually I see shows in their intimate space downstairs, but this time the performance was in the larger space upstairs (I like this space, but the former has more character to it and you feel almost like you are truly a part of the play, it's so small).

Ok, I know seeing a mime might not be some people's idea of a good time, but this was really great. He delved into subjects ranging from the 60's in the USA to pre-AIDS San Fran to a "typical" night at Monticello with Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings (his slave, with whom he fathered children, for those forgetting their history). Some scenes were definitely uncomfortable--for me it was the "Night with Jeffery Dahmer" that made me squirm the most...basically, I'm not going to be able to listen to that 90's "classic" "Everybody Dance Now" for a good while. Not that I think I'll want to listen to it anyway, but you get my point.

Sadly, I caught the last show, so I can't recommend rushing out to catch this performance, but I can recommend the upcoming season at The Flea--check it out.

For anyone in the NYC area, my friends The Janitors are releasing their first album at the Baggot Inn this Thursday (10/4) at 8:00p.m.--cover is only $5 and they put on a good show. Come join in the fun!

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